Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Langkawi Getaway (Part 2)

Continue from previous Langkawi Getaway post, here is Part 2 of the getaway trip.

So the first night in Langkawi, after checking in the hotel, bumming around, freshen up, we came out for dinner at Pantai Cenang. We actually went through the trouble of looking up in the internet as of where to have dinner and stuff but as you know, most places introduced in the internet would be those of tourist spot where it will cost a bomb for just a simple dinner.

We ended up walking through the whole street looking for something to eat and we still could not decide. At least we decided to have our first dinner in Langkawi at this restaurant where in the internet, it has been labeled off as expensive place.

Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant; quite a decorated place, pretty and nice. And again, the internet was right. The price was a tad too high for the food quality and we did not even order anything really expensive.

We also saw a lot of tourist there I supposed even though it was not exactly a holiday season for Malaysian, moreover it was the monsoon season when we were there. But we still see some tourists wandering in as well as foreigners. Couldn't blame the foreigners I guess since those price they pay for the meal might be considered as cheap to them even though it was a sky high price.

The restaurant have those seafood lined up near the entrance of the restaurants with price label and everything but looking at the price label might be very misleading as those price are written as per 100 gram. One might not realized how little is actually 100 gram and started thinking of how cheap it is.

But the truth is, all the pricing ain't cheap at all for 100 gram, even the three of us got misled at the beginning. We only realized after we ordered and informed of how much it would cost that it actually very expensive.

Hence due to the expensive pricing, we ended up with one dishes less, a total of three dishes which consisted of sweet and sour crab, grilled shrimp and a vegetable. We were contemplating on a second shrimp dish but we ended up scraping it off the order list due to the unworthy price.

With only three dishes and white rice, the bill for our dinner came up to approximately RM150. RM50 per person for those dishes are seriously very expensive. It was basically over our budget for a meal but we chose to look over it since we didn't want to fuss over where to eat anymore after walking around for quite a while.

After the dinner, we have walked around again looking for some activity for the next day. Both Karen and Bennie was on high asking for details for beach activities, etc. While I'm basically dead bored since I don't do all those stuff. But due to considering my position, they all decided on going a mangrove tour instead.

So after paying and everything, we have went back to the hotel to chill and get some free beer. The deal that we bought from MyDead is inclusive of free flow beer. So we had some time to chill at the deck facing the sea and enjoying the sea breeze while playing some silly games.

At the end of the night, we have turn in the night early. As early as 11pm if I was not mistaken.


Thristhan said...

So long didnt go Langkawi. I like your photography skills, you've got eye for details :)

` Yi Han said...

I've never been to Langkawi before! I want to goooo! Haha, nice photos btw! :)

alLets'Lexy said...

Thristhan, thanks babe. And I wanna go Langkawi again! lol

Yi Han, you should take a trip up! But remember to do enough research or else you'll end up like us.

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