Saturday, December 3, 2011

5 Ways to Beat Creative Burnout & Get Inspired!

Another inspiring post from Bubbly and Bean!

Bubbly and Bean by Melissa has a lot of inspiring posts. Ranging from vintage to creative. It might not be a blog that I often so much but at times there would be a few titles that would catch my attention so much that I feel the need to share.

This is the second post that I shared of a title from Bubbly and Bean and I am definitely not taking any credit for myself. Maybe just a tiny bit for discovering Bubbly and Bean as well as sharing them to you all?

I think this post is very useful to those who works creatively daily. Creative block? Here is 5 Ways to Beat Creative Burnout and Get Inspired again written by Melissa.
1. Look at pretty things for 30 minutes. Sounds fun, doesn't it? It is! Put your feet up for a few and grab your favorite hot beverage (I have a mild addiction to soy chais). If you're working online, close whatever you're working on. Then take a half hour to read your favorite blogs, look around Etsy or online galleries, or browse through Pinterest. Or turn on your favorite music and thumb through a magazine or design book. Spending just a few minutes away from your work while you allow yourself the time to enjoy the work of others takes off the pressure and subconsciously reminds you why you like creating in the first place!
2. Leave your workspace. Just get up, walk out, and don't look back! If you live in the city, take a short walk and observe the shops, architecture, street art, and people. If you live in the country, spend a few minutes breathing fresh air and basking in nature. Or get in your car, on a bus or the train and visit a museum for one hour. Or walk your dog. Or go get a coffee. Or just do a quick drive-by of the nearest Anthropologie (I wrote an entire post about how I pass by their window displays when I need to feel inspired!). It doesn't matter where you go or what you do, as long as you get out of your house, studio or office for a little while. You'll feel surprising refreshed when you return.

As usual, I am just sharing two points here and if you like what you just read above, hop over to Bubbly and Bean for the full post.

Hope this help and hope it keeps all of us inspired!

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