Monday, December 26, 2011

April 2011: ♥

#1 Mamak time at my favorite mamak stall, Silva in SS15. Their indomee is still the best I have ever had.

#2 Saw this white Honda City when I was sending my car to wash. It was so god damn gorgeous compare to my black one, not that mine is any bad. I have wanted the white one but they said it was not available. Damn.

#3 Chilling time back home in Ipoh with my laptop, a novel on the bed.

#4 Back home must do; bubble bath! I managed to have one almost every time I am back home. I miss my bathtub all the time when I was in KL because it helps me to relax when I'm having bubble bath.

#5 Chilling; literally, in one of my favorite Starbucks in Highland Hotel, Genting Highland in the middle of the night. Always good time even though most the time I would be alone.

#6 Made brunch at home back in KL; soft boiled egg with mushroom on toast and cold green tea. Yum~

#7 My first time cooking Aglio Olio with grilled chicken breast. Not to self-praised but I couldn't help but to admit it was really delicious. Not only my words alone but someone else as well.

#8 My multiple attempts on risotto. It might not look good, the ingredients might not be all the right one but it still taste good all the time.

#9 I don't remember if that was the first time I met Yumie in 2011 but I remember we haven't been seeing each other for a very long time. We hang out more nowadays.

Nothing exciting in April 2011, another few months of unexciting recap then I would have some a little bit more interesting one. Bear with me here!

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