Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas, From Me

It's Christmas in three days!

I don't normally celebrate this occasion, neither does my family. But I guess it's another excuse for those who doesn't celebrate the occasion to party! Or to get gifts. So I got myself a Christmas gift!

I have been raving about this for a while already, more than half a year or since the day it came out which I don't remember exactly when. It's kinda a splurge since it took me so long to finally bought this. I would call this an impulse buy, seriously I wouldn't have bought it if its not for impulse buy but since I have been raving and contemplating to get this since forever, it doesn't seems like an impulse buy anymore.

So do you know what I am talking about? I am not sure if I have posted it here in my blog before, but I have definitely posted it a few times in my Facebook previously. I guess you can already guess based on the label above.
Yes! It's this Macbook Pro bag, Black Satchel from Fabrix Cases in collaboration with Cumulus store in Singapore. I have once blog about Fabrix Cases when I bought my Macbook Pro sleeve from it about a year plus ago and that was definitely a find for me! [here]

I can't contain my excitement that I have finally bought this and it arrived back in Ipoh before I managed to get back myself. So imagine the bubble of excitement when I was reaching home, being able to rip of the package to this beauty. O'yeah, my Mom got me to it, she actually opened the package before I did. Bummer.

Anyway, you might be wondering why would I need so long to make up my mind before purchasing this and the reason behind it is because this black beauty actually cost me USD99.90 not including shipping. Forget the fact that they have Christmas promotion; free shipping a few days after I have ordered. So I paid an extra USD15 for shipping.
Since I paid for the shipping, I might as well buy something more to make the shipping fee more worth it. I know, doesn't make sense. I bet it's just another excuse for myself to get Piolo iPhone 4 Stand in the picture above.

Piolo iPhone 4 Stand only cost me USD8 though I am not sure if it is available in Malaysia store but since I paid for the shipping fee, I might as well get this. Plus this seems very useful to me when I love to read from my iPhone and stuff where I would prefer that my iPhone could stand. Definitely proved myself right when I have been using this since the day I got my hand on it from the package.
Seriously I should have got this one year ago when I got my iPhone because it was such a torture to read from iPhone when it was flat on the table and so frustrating to always hold it in my palm in a static posture. Now, reading from my iPhone couldn't be more comfortable though it only applies when I have a table with me.

So this package cost me about RM400 with some spare change but totally cost a bomb to my wallet. Definitely impulse buy! Still, absolutely worth it and it makes me super happy; I'm still smiling whenever I look at the Black Satchel. Guess even if its not Christmas, I would have bought it for myself. Maybe Christmas makes the reason stronger.

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