Monday, December 12, 2011

Cracked Eyeshadow

This is definitely not the first time that I broke my eyeshadow and it shattered but this is the first time that I am bothered enough to save them. As you can see above, I broke my Revecen eyeshadow passed down from my Mom. According to my Mom, she owned this for a very long time and I found out that the company that produced Revecen makeup was established in 1999 in Korea. So the maximum age of this eyeshadow could be 12 years.

I know eyeshadow shell life is supposed to be only two to five years max but this eyeshadow color is so beautiful that I can't throw it away. Since I found this from my Mom's makeup box, which doesn't really hold a lot of makeup, I never let it go until now. I don't know how and when that it got broken though.
The color of this eyeshadow is a very pigmented beautiful copper color. It's not gold because it's more copper than gold but the fact that I like it very much is because of its pigmentation. I found out that Revecen is made for professional use hence it might explained the high quality and pigmentation of this eyeshadow.

I am not sure if I would be able to find Revecen now but according to the information I found, there's an outlet in Kepong and Jalan Imbi itself. Which I will never bring myself to if possible. But I would really love to explore of Revecen more due to this pleasant experience from this 12 years old eyeshadow.
Anyway, I know you can actually fix these broken eyeshadow but I am not bothered enough to hunt for rubbing alcohol for the process. Hence I just bought this case from Sasa to replace them to avoid fall out from the original case. It has been very messy and my makeup pouch has been contaminated with fall out as well as my chest drawer.

Just maybe in the future that I come across rubbing alcohol for sale that I might fix it instead of leaving it broken still. But I still believe that it will still be good even though broken. You can see the richness of the color in the second photo.

Since I went through these tedious experience, I was thinking that I should share some tutorials on how to fix broken eyeshadow. It's really kind of easy, it's just that I don't know where to get rubbing alcohol. Below is one of the tutorial I found in Youtube. Hope it helps!


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