Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Grandma's Birthday 2011

Grandma is the eldest elderly in the family now and most her grandchildren have already stepped into adulthood while the generations have even reached the forth generation now. While Grandma's birthday fall on early December; no specific date as we only know Grandma's birthday based on lunar calendar.

Hence we always try to celebrate when most the young one can head back to Ipoh from KL. This time, I managed to buzz everyone back from KL to celebrate Grandma's birthday. We even managed to face time with one cousin who was not there because she currently reside in Australia now; to wish Grandma's birthday.

While everyone had a good time, Grandma teared at the end of the dinner because she was too happy that everyone came back to celebrate with her. Also, after the dinner, with some uncles and aunties, us the third generations even went for second round with the elderly. I bet this is the first official time that both the parents and the children generations actually drink together.

All in all, it was a successful birthday dinner for Grandma this year as well as a great opportunities for everyone to gather other than Chinese New Year itself. Now be prepared for lots of photos below.

For full album, proceed [here].

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