Sunday, December 18, 2011

Invisible Soul

There is this batch of photos from a photoshoot that I tagged along when my friend wanted to experiment in January 2010. Yes, these photos are about two years old and I think I have yet to post them here in my blog. I guess it just didn't cross my mind because I only have these edited like six months ago and before that I totally forgot about it.

It was a theme shoot and it was supposed to be eerie and haunted. Other than the editing, I doubt I managed to reach the theme. The model was a friend's friend, since I was just tagging along for the shoot. It was an experimental shoot at a not so experimental location. The location was said to be haunted for real, I wouldn't know and we didn't exactly bother to find out.

I still have yet to own an external flash at that time, so most photos are taken without flash. Even if there is flash, it would be from the flash that my friend was using at that time. Imagine the horror of shooting at a super dark location with no flash. A few time we actually had the chilly feeling and sort of ran out of the space. The space is actually a space of a shop lot after fire and torn down.

Anyway, I barely do theme shoot. So this could be the first and the last time.

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EeSoon said...

Hi there, found this post from innit. The photos are nice but too dark..


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