Sunday, December 11, 2011

JeanNie's Birthday

Just a few days after my internship ended, it was JeanNie's birthday! JeanNie is basically my supervisor as I was under her supervision during my internship, a colleague as well as my Mommy in the company. She has been so great during my stay. Hence Steffy has reminded me to go back for birthday lunch.

I bought this cake, Strawberry Garden from RT Pastry since Steffy loves RT Pastry and we have seen this beautiful cake once Steffy bought from there. I don't know why I keep wanting to call it Secret Garden instead of Strawberry Garden though. The cake is so pretty!
After the birthday lunch at Italiannies in Empire Shopping Gallery, we went back up to the office at SOHO. It took us a while before the cake cutting and cake nom-ing. Steffy went out to pick up stuff from client, I don't know some of the rest went and some got back to working while I was basically hanging out in the office since I am not an employee anymore.

How accommodating of them to have me visit and stay there for so long. I basically stayed there till 7pm and even until some of them left, I was still there. Imagine how bored I am to have went back to office and do nothing rather than staying home. And they asked me to go back again next week, which I might be doing since I don't have anything better to do anyway.
After a while and when everyone's back in the office, we had our cake cutting ceremony. Singing birthday song, taking photos together, cake cutting and of course savoring the pretty and delicious cake. Some had it with beer, seriously. Those art directors in the company are hardcore peeps. Not hardcore drinker, but hardcore workaholic that they need to drink to destress.

It's kinda awkward in the two photos below, don't you think. I guess the men of the company are not used to taking pictures with the ladies. But it's birthday, it's mandatory! Plus I am the photographer of the day, who's gonna escape.
I am actually very happy considering I ain't the birthday girl but I am very happy that I can spent the day with them as well as to celebrate the occasion together. Seriously, I love these people in the office and they actually nearly made me cry during my last day. Though both days, my last day as well as the day I went back for JeanNie's birthday, not everyone was there as some took leave. Still, they can't be anymore lovely.

I always found myself asking, why is my colleagues so nice. Seriously, after spending four months together, I grew too attached to them at the same time, I feel the same from their side. I have seen two former colleagues left the company before but I have never see them acting the way they had been when it was my time to leave. It touched me to the heart and every time I was reminded that I am not part of the team anymore, I feel like I am going to tear up.
Honestly, if I was given a better option, I would definitely stay in the company for as long more as I can which considerably not exactly long, maybe another two months more. But the option I was given was not exactly one I would resolved to hence I have chose to leave no matter how much I don't feel like leaving.

I am so glad that throughout my journey, these people managed to cross my path. Even though not for long, but they leave a lot of moments and memories. Even some that came in halfway through my internship, they grew close even faster than the rest and it's like a one big family to have everyone together.

I don't know how long it's gonna take to grow out of my crying phase, but I guess it's gonna take a while for me to reminisce all these time spent together and not tear up at all. It has been a great moment together, it is great while it lasts.

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