Monday, December 19, 2011

Make Up Haul

I can be considered as a girl who loves make up but I don't exactly buy a lot of make up most the time. Plus most my make up is not adventurous on trying lots of new product, I normally stick to those I think suits me best as well as those of my favorites. So no point blogging about repetitive products.

While I get a chance to post something about make up, would be those out of my norm that I have purchased somewhere this year. Which includes the separate post of UD Naked palette which I was too high on. I guess below would be all of the other out of the norm make up products I have ever bought in year 2011.

NYX is another product that I have heard from Jen from which I think she raved quite a bit in her blog as well as her Youtube channel. But recently it has died down if I am not mistaken but at that time, it left quite an impression on me and I would love to try. But so far, NYX is still not available in Malaysia unlike Urban Decay that has been brought in by Sephora.

While you can still get NYX products from some online seller but we don't know how original is the product. I have bought this 10 color eyeshadow palette from a forum of which my bestie found and I only bought it because the price is cheap. I mean, if it is expensive you wouldn't wanna risk it by purchasing it and ended up throwing your money away for some pirated makeup but for a cheap price, I guess it's okay to take the risk.
Until now, I still have yet to put my hand on it because I have always been waiting to get my lazy bumb up for pictures before actually trying it on. I got these neutral palette to be safe, plus I use neutral color make up most the time. I am not exactly a fan of colorful make up because I couldn't exactly find those color that suits me well. Though I have an idea that warm color suits my skin tone better.

Since it has been so long, I don't exactly remember what other product from NYX that I would like to try but I guess it doesn't matter because we couldn't get this product in Malaysia without going through online seller. Also, I have tried to purchase from their official website but if I am not mistaken, they do not ship internationally or at least not to Malaysia. So no other chance I would say.
Another palette would be this 88 neutral palette and I don't exactly remember the original brand name for this palette but I bought this from Lash Bar in Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue. I doubt this is the original as this only cost me only RM45 for the whole palette. I am sure the original palette cost way more than that. But since it's quite cheap considering it consists of 88 colors, so why not?

I know, it's another neutral eyeshadow palette that I owned. I bought this way back and I bet you can see some of the eyeshadow has been used in the picture. While I can actually tell something from this palette but not everything as I did not managed to try on every colors in the palette, some of the colors are quite pigmented but some are not. While some I find very easy to use but some I find the texture is not smooth and definitely not easy to apply not to mention it did not exactly stay on my skin either.
Even though it has 88 colors, I bet not all the colors suit me as I have found a few that actually looks horrible on my skin. While not every colors compliment my skin tone, I found it difficult to remember which actually does and which does not. I kind of gave this up most the time when I only have limited of time to prepare to go out to avoid screwing up my make up and ending up wasting more time.

Plus all the colors that you can see on the palette, when applied on skin it actually is a total different colors. I don't know how I am going to actually start using this for it to be worth of what I paid for, but I think it definitely will not be finished any time in the future or in another word, ever. I guess it just add on to my own theory that cheap make up are mostly not high in quality and it does apply in a way since it barely costs 60cents per color.
Lastly, I am in need of stocking up my fake eyelashes as I am quite a fan but not a fan enough to wear it everyday. Previously I have bought this fake eyelashes from Taiwan in Sasa that is made of natural hair and it was very soft. My favorite ever so far but it cost me RM60 for 5 pairs and they are all in the same natural style. Quite expensive for what I can afford but they can last very long and definitely worth the price.

But I could not find the same fake eyelashes again and hence I was back to Lash Bar in hope that I could find some for restock where I found these in the picture above. These are not exactly expensive lashes as it cost only RM8 per pair but when touched, it is soft, a lot softer than synthetic one that they have on display in the shop and definitely softer than most the fake eyelashes I have ever bought. Though it still could not beat my favorite as that was the softest fake eyelashes I have ever get plus the lash bone was transparent.

I definitely would like it better if this lash bone is transparent as transparent lash bone is most the time softer and kinder to the eye. In my opinion at least, based on experience as hard lash bone usually hurt my eyes when I have them on. Hence also explained tons of unused and barely used fake eyelashes lying around in my drawer because most of them are uncomfortable.

I guess this mark the end of my haul for 2011 as I doubt I would be spending more money on make up, or at least new make up to try on with barely 10 days plus left of the year. Hopefully in the coming year, I would be able to try on more new products.

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Lovely collections of eye shadows you have shared.

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