Friday, December 16, 2011

March 2011: ♥

It's been a while since my last recap and since its the end of the year, I thought I should finish up 2011 recap this month. Hopefully I made it.

So here now I am going to continue with March 2011 recap and hopefully I remember all the details about the photos below.

For full album proceed [here].

#1 Latest photo collection as of backdated to March 2011.

#2 One of the night where I cooked a big pot of fettuccine for dinner. Of course it wasn't finish only by myself but others. Ingredients consisted of mushroom and shrimps in Campbell mushroom soup.

#3 One of the rare day where I had breakfast. Home cooked breakfast in this matter. Scrambled egg with mushroom and mushroom cocktail sausages.

#4 Starbucks introducing the cute Cake Pop where I think I got a little too excited because it's so cute but it faltered because it doesn't taste exactly nice.

#5 Had dinner with the bestie, Bell at Kimchiharu. One of the best bibimbap I have ever had so far, always go back there if I crave for bibimbap because other places couldn't compete.

#6 Another homecooked brunch of which I am very satisfied with. Scrambled egg with mushroom and bacon on the side! So sinful.

#7 The day where I reached 100 followed in of which is a very big step for me to have reached such a number. Though it has went way pass the 200 mark now to date.

#8 Hijacking the dining table at home to be my personal workstation as I couldn't concentrate in my room. It didn't make much a difference in the end I supposed.

#9 One of the best dinner I have ever made. Lamb chop and mashed potato with bacon. The lamb chop was awesome and the mashed potato with bacon is just as sinful. I think I couldn't make it again now.

That's all for March 2011! My photos was decreasing in the beginning of the year but after half a year, the amount of photos I took kind of went sky-high. I guess after a few more posts of recap, it's gonna be overload here.

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