Saturday, December 31, 2011

Movie: New Year's Eve; in New York

Happy New Year and Happy 2012!

Since it's New Year's Eve today, I guess the most suitable topic other than wishing all my readers Happy New Year would be a review of the movie, New Year's Eve.

The movie is about New Year's Eve of 2012 with the time span of one day until midnight and it happens in New York City. There are a lot of casts in the movie, a lot more than the usual movies that we see. It actually kind of reminds me of Valentine's Day which was another movie with the time span of one day of the Valentine's Day itself plus a lot of cast as well.

In the movies, it's basically a few short stories about different people who are not related to one another directly but all joined together due to New Year's Eve. Though all the stories are about love, no matter love in any forms ranging from teenage love, mother and daughter, spouses, father and daughter, acquaintances you barely remember, newly met strangers in the lift, past relationship; almost any kind of love you can think of.

The thing about this movie is anyhow it will reminds you of a certain memories in your life, no matter what you have been through there will be something similar in the story line. This movie no doubt is very touching, more so than a lot of movie because of how strongly it connects to us; as the audience. It can relate us to all the emotions that we have; happiness, gratefulness, regrets, sadness, etc.

While if you ask me, I would say that I like this movie though not every part of the movie that I like but as an overall, this is a good movie for me. It touched me, it made me feel happy and it made me feel sad all in just two hours time.

Also, after finishing the movie and walking out of the cinema, it felt like it was New Year already and we have just spent the New Year's Eve watching the movie. Yes, it feels like an awesome experience. While looking back, when you realized the Near Year's Eve has yet to arrived, it made me feel like I want to have my New Year's Eve in New York City since the movie background is as such.

Anyway, since I am rushing this out to make it before New Year, I gotta end here and be back 2012! Have a great night all. Obviously you are not if you are reading this on New Year's Eve.

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