Sunday, December 11, 2011

UD Naked

I have bought Urban Decay Naked Palette months ago and I have finally taken some pictures to post here in my blog. I don't know why I bother because UD Naked Palette photos are basically everywhere in the blogosphere where makeup is concerned. But I love this so much, I guess I gotta have my own pictures.

Let's begin of how I get to know of Naked Palette, I first heard of it from a makeup guru in Youtube where I have then been a reader of her blog, Jen, the author of the blog has been raving about this palette in a few of her tutorials video and basically I got hooked from her rave.
At that time, Urban Decay is still not available in Malaysia; imagine how long ago it was. I think I contemplated for at least half a year or more before I actually bought it. I wanted to get it when Sephora opened in KL but when I went to ask, it was still not available in Malaysia.

When in July, I went to Sephora in Starhill again looking for Urban Decay counter and then I saw a space for Naked. But no sample, no display. I thought I was bound to be disappointed again but I went to ask at the cashier counter and they actually brought it out from the store room.

This thing cost me approximate RM180 and this is one of the largest amount I have ever spent on makeup at one go. I actually have no time to unbox it and use it since I bought it in July. It's December now! It's basically got put away in my drawer for almost five months now. And don't feign shock, because I still have yet to use it until now.

But since I have already photographed it now, I can use it for the next occasion where I would be dolling up. It wouldn't be the first time I used Naked though because there is one time when Francine bought it and brought it back to Malaysia and I took the chance to try it before I bought it. Definitely not disappointed or else I wouldn't have spent buying it.

Anyway, few weeks ago, UD has released Naked Palette 2! Imagine my reaction when I have yet to touch my Naked, UD has came out with Naked 2 already! But after reading the review and swatches, I am kind of glad that I get Naked instead. I personally think Naked palette colors will suit me more than Naked 2. I am sort of glad that I don't really like Naked 2 or else there would be another heartache to bear or money to spend.

For swatches, proceed [here].

And for Naked 2 review and swatches, proceed [here].

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