Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dragon New Year

I am back with backdated post once again. I feel so bad I went missing halfway through my vigorous updates before this. I forgot why but I am trying hard to be back once again. Hopefully it wouldn't be too soon before I am going missing again this time.

Anyway, it has been a month since Chinese New Year and my Chinese New Year has been very well spent. One due to the semester break I was having and second was because I was back in Ipoh for the month time or so. Also, on the 15th day of CNY, I have went on a Macau/Hong Kong trip with my Mom as well as my housemate and her Mom. That will have to wait I clear all the backdated posts before blogging about Macau and Hong Kong.

So here comes first is some photos I have taken during the CNY Eve night at the temple. It has been a habit since a few years ago for my parents to bring some grandchildren to the temple to see the lion and dragon dance as well as to gave prayers at the same time.


Most Desirable said...

Nice pics, in fact we have just begun the Dragon year, so far not many changes happened, guess it is still early to say. Pls do read my what goes around comes back around, for the fun of it, thks:)

Nath said...

Happy Belated Chinese New Year, faster update your visit to HK+Macau!!!

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