Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hong Kong Haul

Before I start posting about my explore of Macau and Hong Kong, I would like to share my Hong Kong haul first. I didn't really shop a lot because it is not a shopping trips, but more of a sightseeing one. So I didn't exactly buy a lot of stuff but I guess I bought enough. Francine has been bugging me because I didn't buy enough skincare or makeup from Hong Kong because it is cheaper there but I could not afford so I bought very little.

My biggest haul this time would be Shu Uemura products. For me, Shu Uemura is a higher end brand that I could not afford yet but realizing the price when I was in Hong Kong make me realize that the size of the products make it seems more expensive than it really is. If you may guess, yes, Francine is the one who was raving for me to get some Shu Uemura products.
For the the full size cleansing oil and lotion that I bought, I get 50ml each free samples for another type of cleansing oil and lotion. Plus Shu Uemura price in Hong Kong is a little bit cheaper than Malaysia, which I have calculated that the cleansing oil price difference is around RM30 cheaper if purchase in Hong Kong. The 450ml cleansing oil cost me approximately RM230 and I think it is quite worth it. Especially when it is a 2 in 1 where I do not need a separate makeup remover and then facial cleanser.

Other items from the brand would be smaller items. One of the reasons why I started looking into Shu Uemura is because of the eyelash glue. Since my faithful eyelash glue finished and I couldn't find it again in the market, I could not put on my fake eyelashes anymore because all the other eyelash glues that I have bought are not working well for me. Until the day when I used Fran's Shu Uemura eyelash glue, I was surprised it was even better than the one I used to.

With that reason, I start looking around for Shu Uemura eyelash glue and when I found it, it barely cost me approximately RM15 for one tube while the market price for Malaysia is around RM49 if I am not mistaken. I nearly went insane and wanted to buy 10 back. But I did not, I only purchased 5 tubes and I wanted to give them to my friends but too bad, those who use fake eyelashes are both in Singapore now.

Other items is the eyelash curler, recommended by no other than Fran, she said that it is one of the best eyelash curler around. Shown how I didn't do my own research before I go to Hong Kong; I listened, I tried and I love it. Then it was the brush cleaner solutions of which I might make a review on it the next time.
With all these purchase, I am eligible for membership application but the membership is only applicable in Macau and Hong Kong. I know I can't use it back here in Malaysia but with the application alone came a free Shu Uemura makeup bag. No charges, no fees. So why not? Just maybe I get to go back to Hong Kong again within a year time. Just maybe.

Then this item, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, I actually bought it in Macau but it is the same price in Hong Kong which is only approximately RM210! Yes, only RM210!! I don't know why DKNY perfume is so cheap over there but this 200ml cost about RM360 in Malaysia. I have been longing for this since years ago when it first came out but I couldn't make myself to buy it because of the price and now I can't believe I get it only for RM210. The 100ml one cost RM290 if I am not mistaken because I got the green one for RM275 last time from Singapore.

I also got the chance to go to Argyle Center one night when Emiko's Mom and my Mom was not feeling well. Argyle Street/Center was not in the plan at first but since it was only the two of us that night, I had to drag Emiko there as I have read from Cheeserland.com how crazy shoppers can get there. Seriously, Argyle Center is like a girl's shopping heaven. Anything from top to bottom and the price is insanely cheap.
One box (5 pairs) of fake eyelashes like this cost me HK$88 (RM34) only. The only downfall is there isn't much natural choices as mostly are quite extravagant one which I am not used to hence I only get one box and nothing more. For such quality, I supposed it is quite cheap and worth it.
Everything screams cheap here!! Normally I would have to spend approximately RM30 for a bangle but these bangles cost me less than RM24 added up together. And the quality of the owl bangle is no less than those selling in Forever21. The dark grey bangles only cost me HK$20 while the owl is only HK$40.
These clutches are totally impulse. Why? Because it is so damn freaking cheap! I don't even know why I bought these two clutches because I don't normally bring clutches. Two clutches for HK$100 only. Barely RM40 for these two! I wouldn't say the quality is superb but I think it is considerable based on the price. I don't mind giving them away if my friends want it now because it looks pretty and it is not expensive. Plus I haven't start using them either.
I have seen these iPhone cover used by a friend before I went to Hong Kong and she told me she got hers from Hong Kong as well. What I did not expect is the one that I got from Hong Kong, the quality is not what I expected it to be. These two cost HK$98 (HK$49 each), not exactly expensive but I guess it's not worth it for the quality. I used to like these a lot until I found out of the quality only when I came back to Malaysia. At least it's cute I guess.
I see this cool notebook almost every tourist spot that I went to, I know it's nothing that says Hong Kong but it's cool that I bought it the second time I saw it in the shop. They have different pictures of bomb, gun or even knife while I chose the one above. It wasn't very expensive, I remember it normal for a price of a notebook hence I bought it. Don't you think it's kind of cool to use it to take notes in class? 
Now this is something that I would normally not buy but to be honest, I was kind of happy that I bought it until a few days ago. This is actually for the car where you may hang it at the rear mirror and it actually had a function where it absorbs smell. This cost me a lot, about RM120 where I bought it from Ngong Ping Village because it was claimed to be handmade. No doubt it is handmade but I am not very happy that after hanging it in my car for a week, the glue that stick the headgear together started coming up.

Simple said, it's falling apart in a week. I don't know if it's because Malaysia weather is too hot for it but it is supposed to be more durable for the price I paid for. I actually love it a lot because it looks so cute but when it falls apart, it is definitely disappointing. Now I need to find a way to fix it before hanging it back which I doubt it can take the hot weather here again.
Now these last items. Kinky but they are all chocolates! Saw it in Hong Kong International Airport before we depart back to Malaysia, I know I have seen these somewhere in the internet. It is sort of funny to buy these for my friends so I bought some. But considering it is quite expensive, I did not really get enough or else I could give them to a whole lot of people and see their faces when they get it. Those faces are priceless; I have seen disgusted face, amazed face, excited face and so on.

If I were to go Hong Kong again, I would solely plan a shopping trip where I can ensure to buy all I want and all I can afford before I come back to Malaysia. In time.


Nath said...

ahahaha i love those condoms, it's been 2 years since i last bite one :D

fran said...

Love all your Shu Uemura loots!! =D all my favourite items, always wanted to try their make up remover, i know its damn good but ex also.. =/

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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