Friday, February 24, 2012

Langkawi Getaway (Part 4)

Remember my Langkawi Getaway from last year? Yep, I still have yet to come to an end with my Langkawi Getaway post yet. Hence, here I am with my last Langkawi Getaway post before we proceed to something more up to date.

My last post of Langkawi Getaway is about the Mangrove tour that we went on on the second day. The mangrove tour consists of mangrove forests, eagle feeding, Kilim Geoforest Park, the bat cave, fish farm, etc where we could observed a lot of natural inhabitants such as the monkeys, mudskippers, tiny tree crabs, sometimes wild snake and etc.

Below would be all the pictures I have taken during the tour where we were brought to view the amazing view of the limestones, also passing by the fishermen while they were netting, as well as fish feeding and so happen there were monkeys around so we could also feed them. For the first time ever, since I have seen monkeys all my life back in my hometown at the Kledang Hill in Menglembu, I never know that monkeys could swim. Through this tour, we have seen swimming monkeys getting food from our boats. Totally amazed.
The eagle feeding session was very brief, in a mere 30 seconds time before all the eagle gathered when meats were thrown into the water and disperse before I could get a picture. According to the tour guide, meat fed to the eagles every day has to be limited to avoid them being dependent on human for food. Simple said, it is to keep their hunting instinct to keep them independent.

Once we got into the mangrove forest, there was a slight rain as it was the monsoon season when we visited but it stopped rather quickly before we get wet. I guess we were sort of lucky not to be drenched by rain as the weathers are unpredictable during that season.

Also inside the mangrove forest we were brought to a corner where we could find tree crabs, tiny mini crabs that stay in the mud at the mangrove roots. Colorful mini crabs, barely the size of an inch scrambling everywhere preparing to find a door for their home preparing for the high tide when their home would be all immersed in the water. It was very hard to capture a picture because of their tiny sizes as well as the rapid movements especially when one gets near. At the same place we found mudskipper that is a little bit creepy sticking its head out of a hole but not moving.
We were also brought to two fish farms, where one we were shown different kind of fishes like stingray, archer fish that shoot water at their food, horseshoe crab and other large fishes I forgot the name of. Then we had lunch at another fish farm before the tour end at the last stop. The last stop was a beach where we were free to chill or swim if you want to at the beach before a van fetching us back to the gathering point.
Later the day, since we still have some time left, we decided to hop over to the private beach of Awana Porto Malai, the hotel we were staying at even though the sea level is decreasing due to low tide. When we reached, we were surprised that the private beach claimed is a very small secluded area. You can see from the picture below the space that comprises the private beach as that is all to show. Worse, the beach part is all covered with rocks ranging from tiny one that might hurt your feet to huge one that you may step on.

Basically there wasn't any beach area but according to the one in charged of bringing us over, it is better during the high tide since the water level would be higher and those rocks would be under water. But for me, I think it would hurt the feet still. Since I could not swim, I took my time wandering around and taking pictures. I found quite a few mini almost-transparent crabs around the beach as well, where the last picture shown the sands that they have rolled out from to make home. But they were very small, around maybe 1 to 2cm only.

Now this marks the end of my Langkawi Getaway. Finally I have got it all shared out after almost five months time. Hope you all like it and now awaiting Macau and Hong Kong posts!

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