Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exploring Macau Day 1

Our flight to Macau was in the afternoon so by the time we reached the hotel was already in the evening. So checked in and prepare to explore for our first meal in Macau. Weather was said to be quite chilly but surprisingly, I didn't need a sweater. I was just clothed in my normal breezy Malaysian outfit.
First meal in a diner nearby our hotel, we didn't see much restaurants around surprisingly and just settled with the nearest one. Nothing big hoo-haa on the meal because it wasn't really nice or anything. Worse, the roast goose we ordered, it has this super thick layer of fats that could beat any walking living things on Earth. Seriously super disgusting.
After dinner was the time to start exploring Macau. First explore is of course the casinos, since there are so many casinos in Macau and it's impossible for us to visit each and every one, I have chosen two to visit on the very night. First to explore is Casino Wynn. All casinos are within walking distance so we walked and walked and walked.
Finally we managed to get across to Casino Wynn because it was located across a big road and we had trouble finding a way to cross the road plus there's a park in between. Along the way we could see smaller casinos around as well as the famous Casino Lisboa. Those lights from the casinos are very pretty at night and it seems like a big carnival in Macau.
At Casino Wynn entrance, there would be this music fountain that works off every 15 minutes. Definitely worth the wait plus it's only 15 minutes. We only managed to catch the ending one time when we arrived so we decided to wait for another round. When we were done, I realized that every time the music fountain goes off, it's actually a different pattern. Definitely mesmerizing.

I feel so bad I can't get picture inside of Casino Wynn because the only word to describe it is classy. But there wasn't much people inside. There's even a Starbucks inside the casino itself. But no picture inside casino! Damn.
Next we walked over to Casino Grand Lisboa. Yes, there's two Lisboa and Casino Lisboa is the old one so we visited the new Casino Grand Lisboa instead. Upon stepping into the hotel lobby, we see a lot of decorations and beautiful chandelier lights. There wasn't much to see in architecture wise but the decorations make up for it.
I don't remember much of the Casino Grand Lisboa inside the casino itself since no picture is allowed but I think Grand Lisboa is our lucky place! Mom and I had a shot at their slot machine; side note we have lost a few hundred Hong Kong dollar back in Casino Wynn earlier, and we won about $3000 dollars within the first few clicks. Most exciting slot machine experience ever.
Walking back to our hotel after, we took a different route and we saw this monument at a nearby roundabout. How can Macau roundabout monument can be so pretty at night? The color even changes every few seconds and it was so pretty.
The shop lots right beside our hotel has Gong Cha stall! I don't really drink Gong Cha back in Malaysia but heck, there's no Chatime so Gong Cha works. We bought Gong Cha and at the same time, the aunties went to buy supper a few stalls away.
We first saw this stall when we walked out of our hotel and we decided way earlier that's our supper. It's a beef stall and they sell cow organs as well. I don't know but I love those beef tendon! Like madly deeply in love nom nom. And you may add in other stuff like vege, mushrooms, beef balls, etc if you like. This stall is yummy! Seriously delicious especially the beef tendon, we had one bowl each sharing with our Moms and it satisfied for the night.

For more photos, do proceed [here].


Nath said...

it's never too early for food :D

faye said...

wow! loooks like an amazing place. The food looks yummy! great photos :)

macau limo said...

I love the food and stuff in Macau. The place are also very beautiful and exciting. It will be more exciting when you are riding in a limo.

alLets'Lexy said...

Nath, never too late for food. =P

faye, thank you and it is truly an amazing place. =)

macau limo, how would i get a chance to ride a limo in macau without having to pay anything? =P i would love to have that experience.

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