Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush [On Call 36小时]

Recently quite some people have been raving about this TVB drama on my Facebook news feed and no doubt this is an awesome drama. One of the must-watch.

One of the reason I started watching The Hippocratic Crush is no other than that I like the two main characters in the cast. While most of the others I have never seen of, and some are of those old actors and actresses around.

Other than that, this being a doctor story is interesting enough even if I do not know of the cast. As I might have mentioned, I like dramas that have strong story line other than those about getting inheritance or things like that. I like dramas about the police, doctors, lawyers, the fashion design field, magazine publisher and etc.

Since I have watched this online in quite a stable site, Nat HK, I would love to share the site with all of you. All the time during the drama, I did not experience slow loading videos nor I experienced missing segment or something similar. The only problem I had was, one of the episode link was not working but it was fixed within 24 hours after my comment regarding it.

So if you have yet to watch The Hippocratic Crush, you should definitely start now.

Click here to watch The Hippocratic Crush.

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