Thursday, March 1, 2012

Port Dickson Spontaneously

Just a random spontaneous trip to Port Dickson. The last time I was there was about half a year ago and I couldn't find any McD but during the journey this time, I was so happy that they actually built a McD there already. What's better? It's by the sea!! Mcd by the sea!!

Just chilled for a while there and took pictures. There's a stall selling kites as well but this time we didn't get to play, well, there's always next time. There's already plan to make another trip to fly kite! Seriously.

Since we didn't know the way around, this 'beach' ain't exactly a beach but we have found better beach during our way back already. Definitely a place worth to go chill in such short distance.

Now let's the pictures diarrhea begins!

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Nath said...

love your last moving pic :)

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