Monday, April 30, 2012

Getaway Crave

I haven't been sleeping the whole night and I seriously hate this horrible insomnia that can actually get so bad. I still can't sleep now when it's almost 9am today and I could not go to class as the zombie I am now.

Why insomnia? I can't answer, I slept like a baby back in Ipoh just two nights ago and now that I am back to the city, I suffer from this tedious sleeping pattern again. Seriously, who doesn't wanna sleep just that I really couldn't fall asleep even though I was on my bed for hours and changed so many sleeping positions. The hot weather obviously did not help at all.

At time like this, I am craving for a getaway. It's been a while I had real getaway compare to last year. I used to go to the beach almost every month for the latter part of last year. And when 2012 arrived, my getaways stopped.

I think I'm getting depressed due to school work and all the obstacles I have to face within it. It's not funny really and I don't know how to solve it in the best way possible. I am trying my best and it's really tiring me out. I have been waking up stiff like a stick for the past weeks due to work load as well as mental stress.

All I wish now everything will comes to an end soon so I can actually take some time off. Even for a little while.

P/S: Pictures taken back in my last trip to Port Dickson just for a little day trip to wind down. And I definitely miss those now.

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