Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: Oh So Special [Sleek MakeUp]

I've realized that I have always promise some make up or skincare reviews but they never come. So here I am to finally have my first proper make up review!

I bought this eyeshadow palette from a Facebook page where Isabell was looking at some palettes at that time when I got interested. I have never heard of this brand before, Sleek MakeUp. I don't think I have ever seen it selling in stores in Malaysia either.

But the price was not expensive, I don't remember the exact price but it was somewhere along RM30 to RM35 not including shipping. I did not buy it from the official website but through a third party, so the price might be a little expensive. From the website, I saw it was only selling for USD10.50 which I think is quite cheap.
When the palette arrived on my hand, I was actually a little surprised that the size of the palette is smaller than what I imagined. The palette is just a little bigger than an iPhone but considering the eyeshadow size is approximately a size of a 20cents, I think it's fine. It came with these PVC where the name of the eyeshadows are printed on along with an eyeshadow brush.
This palette is named Oh So Special but contrary to its name, it's actually one of the palette that packed most the neutral colors that I can find in Sleek MakeUp eyeshadow series. Though compare to two other Sleek MakeUp neutral palettes, this packed a little wider range with a hint of blue and pink. 

Below are the swatches. One color I would apply at least two times on my arm, and there's some color that is not apparent even after the second application.
First color one the top row from the left is Bow. Bow looks like a very light beige color in the palette but in swatches it looks more along the line of white. Very light color and its matte. While Organza looks to be a darker color in the palette is actually a pale pink peach color with simmers. Ribbon is obvious matte light pink which is also not very obvious after second application. Gift basket is actually a bronze color with simmers in the palette but upon application, it looks rather brown than bronze. Glitz is an obvious blue color with a hint of grey with simmers. And lastly would be Celebrate that looks like a dark purple with simmers in the palette but it came off more brownish upon application.
Coming to the bottom row, first color would be Pamper that looks like a matte peach color but upon application it is more pinkish that I thought it would be. Gateau is a similar color as Organza in the palette and even upon application, it has a very similar tone but Gateau is probably even lighter. Now if you can't see the color named The Mail, it appears to be matte light brown in the palette but I think this is the only color that I applied three times yet it barely shown on the skin. Boxed is a matte dark brown but did not show very well either on second application. Wrapped up is also a matte dark brown but this color has more of a hint of purple in it compare to Boxed and it seems to show up better on skin as well. The last color would be Noir and it is a typical matte black color.

I'm not sure if anyone of you realized that the swatches does not look very smooth as I find the eyeshadows a little chalky and a lot of drop off as well. Also, most color are not easy to apply as they do not show very well on the skin.

I guess for RM30 I would not have a complaint of this palette but given a chance to buy another palette from Sleek MakeUp, I don't think I would take the chance. This experience might not be horrendous but I don't want to take the risk to pay for non-quality product that would not make me happy.


Isabellmiao said...

Surprisingly mine was okay!! Matte colours is a bit harder to apply but I mostly use them for base and my eyebrows (i have only 3 matte colours, light brown, brown and black) so it's okay. Did you apply using fingers? using a natural hair brush should make application easier (thou I find using Eco Brush works okay for me)//

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