Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simple Mom's Day

Greetings with a selca first! It's been a while since I posted any selca in here. Guess I've grown out of the phase of trying to push all my full face pictures into your face (reader's). Still, I still like to have one up once in a while in case you forgot whose blog is this.

So it was Mother's day yesterday and since I came to KL, I did not make much effort to go back to my parents during such day as Mom's birthday is barely a month away. This time though, I am glad that my cousins have planned to have the celebration with Granny as well and I made an effort to go back for the celebration.

Granny has been admitted to the hospital few weeks ago and it made me realized that maybe we have been taking her for granted for at least a little and we should try to make an effort to visit her more and to remind her that her grandchildren did not forget her. Hence I made an effort to go back to the hometown even though it's only for barely 24 hours which includes a total of 4 hours drive.
Since it is only a simple celebration, having dinner at home with all uncles and aunties invited, some cousins could not make it back due to work. We could not think of anything to buy for Granny and since she loves roses, we got her red roses as well as one stalk each for the other mothers in the family. The roses are so pretty, I hope that Granny likes it well enough.

Food are supplied by almost everyone. Everyone has a part in preparing or buying the food. Foods are tapao from KL by cousins, cooked by my aunt as well as tapao by my Mom and I and some by my other uncle. We ended up with too much food and a lot of leftover because we could not finish them all. Guess we overestimated our stomachs. Look at the pictures down there, it was barely half the amount of the food we had for the night, there's still another table with the same if not more amount of food. For only 15 of us.

Guess we all had fun that night. I am glad to see everyone there together and the elderly are so joyful with the younger generations all back home. Moments like this is what makes enduring life a lot better.
I realized this post did not mentioned anything about my Mom though it's about Mother's day. But I made an effort to spend most of my waking moment with my Mom when I was back in hometown. And her birthday is coming up in barely a month! Can't wait to go back and spend more time with my dear Mom soon.

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