Friday, June 15, 2012

June 2011: ♥

#1 My first time manicure session at Karystal Professional Nail Salon in Dataran Mentari exactly one year ago. Also my first time trying on cracked nail polish from O.P.I. I love the effect a lot but it doesn't last long.

#2 My color choices for that day at Karystal Professional Nail Salon. Love the comfortable ambience at Karystal as well. I previously wrote a review on Karystal Professional Nail Salon.

#3 Fran visit from Singapore, we went to Brussels in Jaya One for lunch due to waking up late and it was a weekend. Food was awesome and the bill was even more awesome.

#4 Not forgetting it was my birthday month, my housemate Emiko bought me a huge Cupipi for my birthday! Now Cupipi is already one year old sitting comfortably in my KL room.

#5 I came back to Ipoh during one of the weekend, chilling at home watching The L Word in my room that time. Can't believe I actually finished all The L Word seasons already last year.

#6 Catch up session with old schoolmates during the weekend back in Ipoh, that was the time that I didn't see them for half a year after I graduated.

#7 Fitted in a dinner with parents as well as foster grandma and foster mom as my early birthday dinner.  Managed to take selca with each and everyone of them except my foster mom.

#8 Got myself a birthday present, a matte purple zippo that I have always wanted since I was 17 years old. Finally owned it after 7 years. FYI, I have lighters fetish.

#9 Had the time to chill at once my favorite Starbucks outlet in Borders, The Gardens. I couldn't remember I was just chilling there alone or with my housemate.

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