Monday, July 23, 2012

Big 24 has passed...

So fast that my big 24 has passed for a month plus already by now. I still feel the need to blog about my birthday because I think this year birthday is one that I feel very happy about.

Just a side story, I had planned this really successful surprise birthday for my good friend, Karen whose birthday is only four days before mine and I did not really ask for anything for my own birthday as I feel like planning my own birthday is a little awkward.

So I have only planned to have a simple dinner with those good friends of mine who are in KL. Most my crazy friends are not in Malaysia which ended up the dinner had only three attendants to begin with.

But I have a surprise when Karen secretly invited a few others and prepare some surprised for me. Even though her surprise planning is a little bit fail, I am still very happy about it.
These are the people who were there for my birthday dinner, I really did not expect it to turn out to be something so memorable.

Funny thing is even though I was the birthday girl, I still have to act as a driver and pick Karen up. She made me think that she did not get me a cake because she asked if I wanna get ONE SLICE of cake after I picked her up. I guess I didn't feel like it anymore at that moment.

During the journey to Edo Ichi at Publika, Lucas checked into foursquare which has kind of leaked the surprise and when I told Karen about it, she put up an act calling Lucas inviting her last minute. It was really funny when they were all trying to keep the surprise to work.

When we arrived there, I saw these three fella trying to hide their face with menus and I guess that moment was when I was supposed to realize the surprise. But behold! There's more surprise to come.
First thing they passed me this bouquet of beautiful purple roses and said it was from Karen. Even though it's kind of gay since Karen is supposed to be my bro but at that moment I feel like "OMG KAREN LEE I FUCKING LOVE YOU!"

Yes, I was that happy. That bouquet of purple roses officially marked my first bouquet of roses and it was PURPLE! If you have yet to realize, purple is my favorite color and I never know they have purple roses.

Then they passed me this birthday card signed by everyone and also a birthday badge. I was forced to wear it throughout the night but I guess it did not do what they expect it to. That everyone's gonna realize it's my birthday. I guess I go low-profile very well.
After we had our meal, thinking that it's the end because there wasn't any cake, everyone decided to head to the bathroom together. Seriously, at that time I really thought there wasn't anything anymore so I didn't think much about it.

Until they came back with this Haagen-Dasz ice-cream cake with sparkle candles on it! RAWR ice-cream cake! And it's Haagen-Dasz! Double RAWR!

Oops. Rawr was supposed to mean "I love it!" Yes, so it's double love for the ice-cream cake. Thank you bro for paying attention that I have always want a Haagen-Dasz ice-cream cake for my birthday. But it's not so much love when they forced me to inhale half of the cake as everyone was so stuffed.

The night ended with us getting beer at Royal Oak while Emiko did not join us and went home.
More present time! The Starbucks tumbler was an early birthday present from Emiko when she came back from Hong Kong trip in early June. She just passed it to me once she came back and that was my first gift of the year.

Isabell got me this charms bracelet all the way from Singapore and she has passed it to her boyfriend to bring back to Ipoh. I got it from him once I went back to Ipoh and that marked my second gift from my beloved dear ass. [inside joke]

Then Fran and I decided to have a gift exchange for our birthday this year since we did not celebrate our birthdays together nor have we buy each other present for the past five years. I have chose this Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs in the end because I don't even know what I want. But this is definitely so much love.

Not to forget the purple rose bouquet from Karen. I consider that a birthday gift though I was kind of sad seeing it withering away as time goes by. I love it so much! First rose bouquet and it's not from a boyfriend.

That's all the gift I have got and I very am happy with them all plus the birthday dinner. Added up together with big angpaos from both my Mom and my Dad, I conclude that my big 24 is awesome!

Ending the post with a selca taken on my birthday.

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