Friday, July 13, 2012

Grateful July

This blog post started with a tweet. I was going to tweet of how I am thankful of this month and it became a super long writes hence I think it fits in a blog post better.

I am thankful for all the jobs that came in this month. Firstly because it is my one month sembreak now so I do not have to juggle work and studies.

Secondly it is because although all these jobs came together in a short time of period and makes me go crazy and having stress level over 9999, the money that comes with it is totally god send.

Thirdly, I am thankful because I get to be independent with my jobs as the one in-charged with no supervision. I am also thankful because I believe all these jobs will help build up my portfolio as well as my resume even better now.

I am thankful of each and everyone of these people who gave me chance in these jobs, who believe in me and willing to work with me or trusting me in handling the job well.

Lastly, I am also thankful that I found a partner who is helping me out with some of these jobs. I need her great help a lot and I am thankful for her to be willing to work with me.

This totally sound like the Secret that XiaXue and Cheesie has blogged about. True that I need to practice my gratitude more often as I always forget to be grateful for all the good things that happened to me.

Hence, no matter how crazy this July is going to be, I shall be thankful for all that has came and those that is one the way.

P/S: Photos taken at a good friend's studio. This is always the most awesome decorations lights ever and my favorite. Check out Shou Studio.

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