Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tiger Cubs [飛虎]

I've been on a little TVB drama frenzy lately since I found a site that upload TVB drama based on Hong Kong airing time. That means the day that Hong Kong aired an episode, it would be uploaded to the site on the same day.

There's quite a few dramas that I have watched so far but I think this deserve a blog post, Tiger Cubs. Though the drama title is a little odd since it is supposed to be about the SDU unit, I think Tiger Cubs is direct translation from its Chinese title.

This drama only airs once a week, new episode normally uploaded on Monday. I'm not very sure of the time since I usually check at night and it would be up by 10pm. The once a week episode would be about 60 to 70 minutes long. The site that I watch TVB drama from has no in between advertisement, so it would be a full hour episode.

Here's a little synopsis for you people, but for me, I did not even need to read the synopsis before watching this drama.

Serving on the Special Duties Unit (SDU) for many years, “devil” instructor JIN HON TOU (Joe Ma) is seen as a hero in the hearts of his subordinates. His style is strict, serious and has high expectations on his subordinates, especially the two new SDU members YU HOK LAI (Him Law) and YAU CHUN HIN (Vincent Wong). However when he’s off-duty, TOU is actually a very caring big brother. TOU thinks of CHONG CHUEK YUN (Oscar Leung) as his best partner at work and a good brother, but to his surprise, his girlfriend DING WAI WAI (Christine Kuo) falls in love with the optimistic YUN and wants to break up with him. To maintain the brotherhood, YUN asked his colleague SO MAN KEUNG (Mandy Wong) to pretend to be his girlfriend, which begins a mess in the relationships. Meanwhile, the police were informed that the king of thieves TO TIN YUE (Kenneth Ma) is planning a large-scale robbery of the treasury. TO and OCTB inspector CHONG CHUEK WAH (Jessica Hsuan) jointly sets up an operation to capture YUE. WAH is YUN’s elder sister and has a snobby personality. She only cares about her work day and night because she cannot forget the pain of her boyfriend’s murder. As TOU gets to know WAH, he slowly realizes that he and WAH are actually similar people, and his feelings starts growing..

What I like about this drama is no doubt the actions in between it, I'm not so much of a fan for the love stories that is going on in the drama. It's not a plus point really, as I tend to focus more on action and the crime scenes. The love stories tend to drag a little in the drama but it does not dwell too much on it, so it's fine by me.

If you like dramas that include actions, you may as well start watching this. But there's only 7 episodes out so far, the full drama is said to have 13 episodes so maybe you might want to wait another two months for the full drama if you're not a person to wait for an episode every week.

Click here to watch Tiger Cubs.

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