Thursday, August 9, 2012

A little time...

Had a little time yesterday, I guess among all the weekdays, my Tuesday is the day I have the most time now. So I dragged my housemate, Emiko for some food hunting and pampering session.

Recently that I've been staying put in Puchong quite a lot, I realized I don't know where to eat so I went on search for food in Puchong. I found this little cafe in some food website, it says Italian cafe name Le Pollidor Cafe.

The photo of the interior captured me and I decided to try it out with Emiko. It's located on first floor in a corner shop in Bandar Puteri. I guess people wouldn't really notice since it's a rare that a cafe would be located on the first floor.
The interior of Le Pollidor is truly awesome! The whole space is so gorgeous with a lot of beautiful art pieces hanging on the wall. Even the furnitures there are pieces of art here and there, it truly captures the ambience of an Italian cafe. It's so classy and beautiful at the same time. 

Yet no surprised when we walked in, in the afternoon, there wasn't any customer at all. Until we left, there isn't any customer as well. I guess it's not a surprised due to its hidden location. It's located upstairs of VIP Steamboat. Not sure if it's famous.

I wish this would be a totally perfect place but reality hits when the menu is not exactly how I expect it to be. The food available is typical Malaysian food though claimed to be Western but definitely an adaptation of Malaysian culinary. There's also some Asian food choice in the menu, not exactly what I expect from a cafe with such fine interior.
I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara with Mushroom and Ham thinking that "How can a carbonara goes wrong anyway" and I was wrong. The carbonara sauce is not even a can sauce because I am sure that the sauce is actually a can soup. Something like Campbell but definitely doesn't taste like it.

Emiko had Ham and Cheese sandwich and I guess there isn't any comment. It surely does look like some homemade sandwich but I am not exactly expecting anything more after my carbonara arrived. We shared a portion of Fried Bacon since I couldn't resist bacon. At least it does taste like bacon.

Bill came up to RM55 or so. I don't know how to comment on this because for the food, it's not worth it but I still fell in love with the interior. The thing is, even though I love the interior so much but I don't think I will be going back. It's kind of upsetting when you found such beautiful place yet the menu let you down so much.

Anyway, after lunch, we ran some errand to the bank, car service etc, we were off for a pampering session at Karystal Professional Nail Studio. I don't know how many times I have said this, but I wrote a review on Karystal once before. Click [here] for the review.
At times I'm still a little disappointed with the nail color choice at Karystal, I'm not sure if it's me or they really have limited colors since I started going there more than one year ago. Every time I was there, I have a difficulty in choosing my nail color and more likely I ended up with the similar or same color as the previous time.

But on a good side, every time I chose a color, I love it to the max! I guess it's not that bad after all. This time for nail color, I have chose this matte dark grey from China Glaze. Matte nail polish is always so posh but down side is top coat could not be applied on matter nail polish so that it will stay matte and not be glossy like regular nail polish.

So unless you don't do much with your hands, no washing dishes, washing hair and etc, it kind of chip faster without top coat. A few fingers has already chipped today and it has only been one day. I guess it couldn't be blamed since it's normal nail color and not gelish. Now I can't wait to do Gelish in September because they can make any Gelish color into matte!

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BACON! Ew Campbell-like soup for carbonara?

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