Friday, August 24, 2012

Gold Coast Morib: Lazy Escape

I have been craving for a holiday since forever. I remember I used to have road trips almost every month before this and then it kind of stopped because one, my friend is bored of repeating Penang trip. Two, other destinations are much more hassle to plan and also more expensive. Three, I don't know what, I think it's procrastination.

Yes, even holidays I can procrastinate. So we finally made plans, bought coupons for Gold Coast Morib Resorts stay and went on our trip as planned.
The rooms are kind of awesome, really. We have two rooms, one with a queen size bed and another with double single beds. I share the double single beds one with Karen and every room has a jacuzzi! Like a freaking huge jacuzzi!

Rooms are huge and it's good enough really. The only problem we had was the electricity suis actually tripped twice when we were staying there. We couldn't fix it ourselves and forced to call the management, yet they did the same thing and it was back up. Weird.
That's the view from our balcony! Kinda nice I would say because the other view of other rooms that face the other side would have no better view because it would face the kampung area, the road and pretty much nothing else.

From our balcony, we could see the so-called water theme park and the sea if you would neglect the dirty water. So-called water theme park because... it looks like a regular swimming pool, doesn't it? With a few slides installed, ta-da! That's a water theme park for you.

We only went down for about two hours on the second day since we have nothing much to do.
Basically there wasn't really anything to do there. The beach was so dirty, not the beach but the sea was freaking dirty. Karen said and I quote "I wouldn't even want to dip my toe inside." Yes, it was that dirty! It was brown in color, like mud while you can see far away there's a blue line which means only then the sea is clean.

Guess we didn't have much luck expecting a beach where we can actually have a dip. Totally flat out disappointed.

What we did was went to the store there to see what we can buy to at least waste a little time, after all it's a 3 days 2 nights trip. We ended up with this beach ball that has Hannah Montana face on it.

We bought it because we voted and it has a vote of two out of three. I didn't know why they chose Hannah Montana instead of others but in the end I found out, they just want to whack on Hannah Montana face. I think it's legit if you were to think about it.

So with the beach ball, we head back to the beach and had some ball session. Oops, that sounds kinda wrong. Ball whacking session. It sounds even more wrong! No other way to put it, I guess.

Anyhow, that's Karen showing her ball whacking skill. That she forced me to get a good shot of. I am pretty proud of myself to capture her in such professional pose. And that's Yumie who refused to participate in the ball whacking session because she claimed that she has no luck with any sort of balls. Yeah right.
To conclude the trip, here's a summary of what we did. We sleep, eat, sleep, maybe a little activity of ball whacking, had super long bath in the jacuzzi, eat, sleep and it repeats. Literally!

Other than the fact that Yumie and I had an extra activity which is work session at the lobby after dinner. I think that's about it. I called it our lazy trip, literally doing nothing but sleep and eat the whole 3 days and 2 nights.

I don't really recommend anyone to actually have a trip there. Unless you just want to stay in the room, using the jacuzzi and do nothing. Literally.

I feel kind of pointless at the end of this blog post. Why did I even blog about this?! O'yeah, I have photos that I shouldn't let them go to waste.

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I still thinking of whether to buy the deal from Groupon or not. And, your post gave me the answer. :-)

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