Thursday, August 16, 2012

July 2011: ♥

#1 Sun Yeong Wai roast duck that I must have every single time I go back to Ipoh. It still is that way until now, I still have it every time I go back and I think it won't change. Most yummy roast duck ever!

#2 I was in Penang and while checking in foursquare of my location, my Twitter follower suggested for me to try the omelette that they have at the food court I was at. Guess what? The omelette is freaking delicious, it's a must have for me now every time I go to Penang and the one who suggested it, is a friend now. O'joy how social networks bring strangers together.

#3 Penang trip still, some local brought us over to Butterworth for lok lok! It's kind of different from lok lok in KL and Ipoh, Penang lok lok style is like satay celup. You picked everything you want, get a table and there's a lok lok pot in the middle of the table. It's good though.

#4 Morning breakfast of roti bakar and half boiled egg in Bangkok Lane, Penang! It's simple but it's totally hearty. I don't know why it's so simple but it's delicious and we woke up at 7am just for this.

#5 Penang Lorong Selamat famous char keoy teow without fail. I don't know why everyone always tell me it's overrated. I mean, it's actually quite yummy, just that its long queue puts me off sometimes.

#6 My fascination towards lighter continued to grow. This lighter is cheap but it looks expensive. The engraving actually cost more than the lighter itself. I love it and sad to say, I lost it, too.

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