Sunday, August 26, 2012

Satisfying Samgyupsal Crave

I think I have too much crave to satisfy. First getaway crave, now samgyupsal crave. I have been craving for samgyupsal since I watch EatYourKimchi Youtube video on samgyupsal in Korea. I know, Korean BBQ in Malaysia cannot be compared to Korea but that is the closest thing that I can go to.

Worse when the only Korean BBQ that I have access to is Daorae Korean BBQ in Ipoh when the bestie, Bell came back for the Raya holiday. The bestie is like the only person who would happily accompany me for Korean food as it seems like other friends of mine are not so fond of Korean food or even Korea itself. I no know why.
For one moment, I'm contemplating to blog Cheeserland style; one caption per photo and done because I don't know what to say about those photos above. But I'm thinking I am no Ringo, if I blog Cheeserland style, I bet no one's gonna be bothered to come in here anymore. so I decided to write a long ass paragraphs that might not mean anything in the end.

Anyway, that was all the food we had. Basically it was just a portion of samgyupsal, a portion of chicken meat which I forgot the name of, one kimchi soup and the rest are banchan. For the four of us.

If you ask me, I think one portion of samgyupsal is definitely not enough for three person! Neglecting Bell since she does not eat pork but two pieces of samgyupsal for three person? I insist, it's not enough! So basically I didn't satisfy my samgyupsal crave much actually. But everyone was claiming to be so stuffed after finishing the food.

You know why? Because we had a lot of banchan. When I say a lot, I really mean like really A LOT. I think we had about three refills for each and every banchan. Or maybe four, I'm not very sure. I bet these guys sure love banchan for them to have so many refills.
So those were the faces for the lunch meet for Korean BBQ. The supposed meet up is actually Bell meeting her foster little brother and I was just crashing the meet up because I wanted Korean BBQ and that's the only slot she has for me and Korean BBQ at the same time.

Talking about awkwardness sitting at the same table together. More awkwardness when I started pointing my DSLR at those two who sat in front of me. I just need a subject to shoot some photos, and they were sitting strategically across me.

I think this is gonna be an abrupt end because I ran out of things to say. That's all for satisfying my samgyupsal crave. If anyone of you know any good place for samgyupsal in KL, please bring the ulu me for the goodness. Your kind act will be repaid accordingly. 

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