Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spare Your Holly Vote?

This is the contest that I have mentioned in the previous post. Canon - Love Drama? Create Your Own. Now our submitted video is up and running, your holy vote on our participated video would be very well appreciated.

I am thinking of bribe per vote. What says you? But I can't think of anything as a bribe. A hug maybe? Or I would ended up with no vote since none of you want a hug from me. lol

Anyway, please vote for me and my friends! I couldn't upload the video here yet because it is only available in the contest website.

How to vote:
1. Click [here] to go to the contest site with our video.
2. Register your email.
3. Check your email and verify it.
4. Go back to the video in the contest, load the video.
5. Spare your holy vote now! 
Important note: Vote will only be counted when the video is loaded and play.

I think I have a few friends who tried to vote without watching the video and found out the vote was not counted.

I promise you that you'll get a good laugh in return for your vote. The video was supposed to be funny or it could be lame. Let you be the judge, alright!

If you're too kind, share the video after voting. And if you really wants a bribe, I guess you could leave me a comment for it. We'll see if I can make the bribe happens.

I'm not sure if I'm serious about bribery but a hug won't hurt, right? Or maybe... a coffee? Homemade one. lol

To make sure it is the correct video, the title of the video is Hard Times and the submission name is Karen Lee. Just in case, [here] is one more time of the link directed straight to our video.

P/S: The site might load a little slow, I guess it might due to it being made by full Flash or something. But patience is virtue, be patient and please vote for us!


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