Sunday, October 28, 2012

2NE1 New Evolution in Malaysia! No More!

*Updated on 20th Nov 2012*

The concert organizer, Running Into The Sun has officially announced on 16th November 2012 that 2NE1 Global Tour is cancelled for Malaysia.

So I'm not going to see 2NE1 anymore... *CRIES*

Yet at the same time, I'm actually a little glad that I will get all my money back. The ticket is kinda expensive for me so I am actually having a mix feeling about it.

Guess from early I know that this dream comes true seems too surreal so when it's not happening anymore, I guess I'm accepting it with an open heart instead.

But yeah, no more 2NE1.


If you haven't heard, you must not be a Blackjack! 2NE1 is coming to Malaysia for their 2NE1 Global Tour 2012 - New Evolution!

Give me just one moment... I'm gonna *SCREAM AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!*

I'm not sure if anyone would know I'm a Blackjack or not, not exactly a Kpop fans anymore since I stop following for more than two years now. But I'm always updated to 2NE1 song without fail and I think I know almost every single songs of 2NE1 if not all.

I used to blog about Kpop in Kpop Feverish, a blog dedicated to the love of Kpop founded by my bestie, Isabellmiao but we stopped updating it due to busy lives. So no surprise if anyone is surprise that I'm actually GOING for this concert.

YES! I have bought my tickets for this concert and confirmed that I would never missed it for my life. I've always been waiting for 2NE1 to come to Malaysia and they have been on tour to so many countries, I was always disappointed that Malaysia is not in their tour.

Now my patience has finally paid off and 2NE1 is finally coming to Malaysia!! Biggest news ever for Blackjacks I supposed.
Normally I would very much prefer Rockpit for any concert but this is too expensive. All I can afford is CAT 2 as I think CAT 1 is not worth it even though it is nearer but it's mostly on the side. I would prefer a frontal view and hence, I've got my tickets online one day after the ticket launching on Ticketpro for CAT 2 East right. Which literally translated to frontal view, third row after the Rockpit to the right side as we are viewing from the plan now.

Now let me overdose myself with all 2NE1 songs before the concert! I wonder who would I bump into this time.

P/S: I was little sad that bestie is not going for this concert and she commented that she would prefer to wait for YG Family instead because 2NE1 songs are getting boring. *CRIES*

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