Thursday, October 25, 2012

College Artworks

Sometimes I truly amazed myself not in the sense that I am so proud but in the sense that 'How did I do this?!'

I am not an artist, I could not draw very well but looking back at my college artworks, I never fail to amaze myself of how I have done it back then. I know these are not the best artworks out there but for me now, it's almost impossible.

I always look at artworks and think that how did this people do it thinking that they have some serious talents. But looking back at my own, I'm feeling it's more like a miracle that how I did it back then.

I'm not sure if I don't know my own capability or I can only produce when I'm forced to. I still can't believe that I did all the artworks below and if someone were to ask me to produce a piece right now, it might take me 10 years and it will still not be completed. I promise you that.

Now for all that I have, I hope you enjoy the 6 pieces below. That's all I have for my almost inexistent drawing life.

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