Monday, October 15, 2012

Perth Haul

Just so you know, I had a family trip to Perth for almost a week during the near end of September. And this is obviously not a travelogue post, this is the haul post!

I realized I always have all the motivation to post up a haul post whenever I come back from traveling but the actual travel post always ended up buried somewhere and never see the daylight ever again. That's what happened to my Macau and Hong Kong post, I managed to blog about Day 1 and that's it.

So now let me begin with my Perth haul post and then I gotta try very hard to finish up my Macau and Hong Kong post before blogging about Perth. Hopefully whatever I hope for will happen one day.

The first shopping place that we went to is Murray Street Mall. I'm actually not very sure if the whole street is Murray Street Mall or just part of it because it is a combination of two streets as well as some that can almost be considered as alleyways. I was actually not really in the mood to shop because that was our first day in Perth and we just arrived in the evening.

All I did was just looking around and when I found some familiar brand, I would walked in because I know these things would suit and fit me. The first thing I bought was actually a very cheap pair of shades for only 5AUD, did not take a picture of it because I started using it once I bought it because I forgot to packed the shades that I used for driving and totally forgot that it was actually new. It has a butterfly embellishment on both side of the frame but not long after I came back to Malaysia, one side of the butterfly dropped and I couldn't find it anywhere. Quality of item comes with the price, I guess. No complaint.
Next is this very familiar brand that I'm sure most of you would know about it. If you are from Malaysia, of course very well. It's Cotton On and you can see that I snatched up three slim belts above for 10AUD. It's still quite cheap as it only cost about RM10 for each belt if we were to convert the currency. Another reason why I would buy the belts other than it being cheap was I forgot to bring my own belt. Guess packing last minutes has its consequences.

I think that's all that I bought on my first day. I was tired due to the midnight flight, hence I wasn't really in the mood to shop. Plus I see a lot of shops that has sales but they are mostly free size store so it kind of kill my mood further.

The next place that we went to shop was Westfield Mall and I'm kind of surprised that even malls are built in only one level in Perth. No escalator, no first floor, just one and only ground floor. Imagine how big the space is needed for one floor to fit a whole mall where this Westfield could not even be considered as small. It was quite big and if I were to go into each and every shops, it would probably take me more than a whole day.

Anyway, back to the haul part. Rubi shoes! I know Rubi shoes might not have the best quality, in fact, I don't think they ever do. But Rubi price range is normally average (note: normally and I actually found some real expensive one there but maybe the quality is better, I don't know) and I think the price is alright if it fits and suits me well. So I remember I got the two pairs of loafers (I'm not sure if those are really loafers but they sure do look like it to me) for 30AUD if I'm not mistaken. I did not keep the receipt and the price that I have paid for is starting to go away from my mind.

I've always thought that loafers doesn't suit me as it makes me look quite manly but guess I am wrong. I tried it on and they actually sit quite well on my feet and totally love it. Even my Mom agreed so, so I got it and on top of that, you see the silver glittery bag above, it comes for 5AUD with any purchase. I like glittery and shiny things so this bag is perfect and I could store my essential make up in it. 
Then, two iPhone cases! Really glam up iPhone cases that if I am able to find them in Malaysia, I bet it's gonna cost a bomb. These iPhone cases cost 5AUD each and after conversion it's actually not exactly very cheap compare to the price I pay for good quality iPhone case here in Malaysia. So it took me the whole time in the mall to consider whether if I should buy there or not before purchasing it last minute when everyone is ready to leave. My Mom and I actually power walked to the store so that no one needs to wait for me while I buy these babies. In the end, no regrets! Freaking awesome and people actually compliment it when they see it.

Some accessories that there's nothing to shout about. Got it from the same store as the iPhone cases above and bought it the first time I went in. It cost 5AUD for the ring and I don't clearly remember the price for the necklace but I think it's around 5AUD to 10AUD or in between. I don't know what got into my mind because yes, these accessories are very cheap compare to accessories sold in Malaysia at shop like Diva BUT silver never suits me! I've always been a gold color person because of my skin tone but I totally forgot about it when I see these accessories, it was so cheap I guess it's an impulse buy. Kinda regret maybe but 10AUD, aaahh let it go!

While THIS is so exciting! I'm still excited even until now and so, so, so proud that I got this baby! Alexander McQueen inspired skull clutch! Same store as the iPhone cases and accessories above, the first thing I lied my eyes on when I walked in. I had a scream in my head when I saw this and surprisingly, I was dumb enough that I didn't know this is the Alexander McQueen inspired skull clutch. I just remembered seeing it somewhere online either from a fashion blogger or something alone the line.

I just know that I love, love, love this clutch so much I can't stop prancing around and showing everyone (my mom, my cousin, my aunt, my cousin's girlfriend, etc). I was kind of reluctant to buy it at first because it cost 30AUD which after conversion is not exactly cheap but after a short debate with myself in the head, I was like "WTH! If I don't get this, I might never get the chance anymore!" Plus really, this is too awesome not to buy so I got it and it's so worth it!

Just a little side note, I found out an online friend blogshop, Jocey-licious e-boutique is selling Alexander McQueen inspired skull clutch in Malaysia as well. Her range has a wider choices of colors and designs and so far that's the only one I know that sell this inspired skull clutch. So you are dying for one and don't know where to look, maybe hop over for the awesome goodings. Click [here] for Alexander McQueen inspired skull clutch!

So back to my Perth haul, next item, Kate Hill handbag. I was using the dirt cheap handbag that I bought from Hong Kong back in February this year, it was really dirt cheap at only approximately RM30 after conversion but it's not durable and it started spoiling after a month or two and I actually have been trying to look for a handbag after that but couldn't find one until I went into Kate Hill handbag store.

This bag above caught my eyes and without much thought, I just bought it. I mean, I did have some thought about whether if it's really gonna look good on me because it does look good by itself and is it alright to spend 60AUD on a handbag. But looking at the quality, it looks like one that could last for a while and with Mom reassuring that it suits me, I bought it. Again, no regret! I think most are no regret in this haul. I am glad how I love almost everything that I spent on. Totally worth it.

So... this is kind of a splurge. An unnecessary splurge. I saw this skull hand luggage and it was so cool that I just want it so badly. Which... I don't know why because I rarely use hand luggage and this hand luggage is made of soft leather (don't think it's real leather either) and I'm so afraid the handles might come off if I put stuff too heavy in it. 

Basically I kind of struggle when I came back to Malaysia because I did not bring a hand luggage and so this is the one I was using. At the same time, we had some misunderstanding with my cousin and so my Mom and I only have a total of 20kg for luggages weight for our journey back. I was trying so hard to lighten up my luggage so that we won't exceed the limit at the same time I was trying not to have this skull hand luggage too heavy in case it might broke.

It's really cool though and it cost 60AUD. Same price as Kate Hill handbag but I guess I wouldn't be using much of this hand luggage. Still cool though and I am trying my best to make the most use of it right now.
And here we are to the last item from my Perth Haul. Sigh, again this is an item that I have liked so long and never in my life that I imagine I would cross path with this crazy cool sandals. This sandals are so cool, I saw it from a fashion youtube guru, ImJennNim at Clothes Encounters channel. This is super cool (how many times have I repeat the word 'cool', I wouldn't know) because she has all the quirkiest outfits, shoes and accessories and I always love this sandals she wears in her videos.

When I saw it, even bigger scream in my head compare to when I saw the Alexander McQueen skull clutch. Really, I think I kinda squeaked to my Mom about it. I was thinking I must have it until I saw the price tag, 60AUD. Now... 60AUD for a handbag, yes. But 60AUD, approximately RM190 for a sandals?! Call me crazy!

I almost let it go because of the crazy price. I don't think I have ever paid more than RM80 for a sandals no matter how fancy it is. I just don't think sandals could worth so much but apparently this pair did. Again, thanks to my most awesome Mom, she said I should get it if I really love this sandals so much and yes, it is very expensive but if I could make full use of it and be really glad to have it then I shall have it.

That's why I bought this almost RM200 pair of sandals! Just say it, you think I'm crazy, I know. But this is too awesome to let go! Now... now... I think I'm too excited for a pair of sandals but hell yeah! You should see I have the same sandals as ImJennNim from Clothes Encounters, this is INSANE!

Okay, I shall probably stop. I'm getting a little too excited to sleep and if I don't stop, I wouldn't be able to wake up for work. So... that's all my Perth haul! A little too little stuff to be considered a haul, don't you think so? But definitely an AWESOME one with all caps lock.

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