Monday, May 6, 2013

Black Monday: We will Rise

I have never been a person who is interested in politics, most the time I don't know anything. Especially during some casual politics topic among friends, I would definitely be the one who sit quietly without a word. Because most the time, I couldn't understand what is going and and what is exactly being discussed about.

When the date for 13th General Election (GE13) was announced, I was glad that I had registered and I can vote during this important date soon to come. I planned my journey back to my hometown, I checked all the registry details and etc. Anyhow, I was very excited and anxious as the same time since I am a first time voter. I have checked on all details on the internet, what should I pay attention to, what should I do, what should I not do, etc, etc just to make sure my one and only vote will be counted and not go to waste.

Anyhow that does not meant that I am finally interest in politics, I still don't. But Malaysia is my country, every Malaysian who voted might not be interested in politics but each and everyone of us held that responsibility as a Malaysian. I hold my responsibility high and tight at that point of time. Even though I did not go to the polling station early in the morning, queue for hours just to cast my vote, I still did my responsibility. I had checked my ballot paper for any tiny little mark or dot, I have asked for a new ballot paper, I have crossed on the party that I have chose, I have my finger painted with the not-really-indelible ink, I have did almost everything I know I can do for my responsibility as a citizen.

Yet I was left angry when the counting was done. I couldn't go to sleep, I waited for every single tiny updates on the internet for the counting of the votes to be done. To have my slightest hope going up as the early hours passed, then the on-going result has been delayed by not announcing to the people like us, suddenly there's blackouts here and there and then re-counts happened. That is when the tiniest bit of hope that I had just plunged into the deepest place ever on Earth.

I was angry not because the party I have voted for has lost. My anger was fueled because of all that happened, it happened in front of our eyes; no matter through pictures and videos from the internet or just right in front of us physically. We all know, it's not about being sore losers anymore at this point. If we have lost fairly with dignity, I would be able to accept it. Maybe I would be upset that we did not win but definitely not angry as how I was last night. I was angry of how we were treated unfairly in front of our very own eyes and we have been stripped and robbed of our rights to have our voices heard.

My anger blinded me last night, I was angry at how we were robbed of all our rights. I was angry that the so-called democracy that we have has been robbed blatantly right in front of us. I was angry that we couldn't do anything to change this even though almost everyone in Malaysia know the truth behind this. I felt hopeless and helpless. My heart wrenched and my tears spilled for all that have happened last night. I was so angry, I did not even bothered to wait till the official final result to be out. There is just any more reason to wait out anymore.

I couldn't sleep until almost dawn, I was so fueled up and so heartbroken at the same time. Then I woke up this morning after 4 hours of sleep, I thought. I don't know if we can change the result of GE13 anymore as the result has been officially announced and we will be governed by the same government since independence. Then I thought, it has been a tight competition in GE13 this year and with all that they have to go through, just maybe they would have realized they got to do something to convince; if not to win back the Rakyat.

Just maybe after GE13, they would realized, we, the Rakyat would fight for a better nation (as claimed by them) and we would fight for our rights and democracy. We have proved to them that we can be and we will be united for our country, for Malaysia no matter of races. We have proved to them that we won't give up so easily and we will wait, if we have to, for another 5 years for the next GE if there is still no improvement within the coming 5 years. And they say, democracy was not robbed from us yesterday but years ago. I wouldn't denied it but just only yesterday have I realized that the tiny little bit of democracy that I thought survived has been robbed clean from us now.

Honestly, my mind is so incoherent that I don't even know if people might understand this long post at all. All I'm saying is, since we have no choice but to give them a chance (they robbed the chance from us), so why not we really do give them a chance to see if they really would take on their words and fulfill their promises to make a better nation for Malaysians. At the same time, we continue to fight for our rights, to fight for democracy and to fight for clean general elections in the coming years.

We would mourn but we will rise again. We will continue to fight for our nation and fight for clean and transparent elections. We do not fight because of any parties, we fight because of our country. We do not fight certain races, we fight as one race, the Malaysian.

A friend posted:-

Black represents the absence of all colours - and to Malaysians, all hope.
Black represents death - and to Malaysians, sorrow.
Together we mourn for what has become of this nation; only short before we rise up again.
Short before this black represents mystery - a sense of potential and possibilities. 

-Sara Ong

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