Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photo Link in A Mess

Months ago I found out that a lot of my blog post from August 2012 and before has spoilt photo links. When I click on them, all it says is invalid URL.

I'm not even sure what pictures they are and I did have a thought that I would want to fix them. But it's not only one post or two, I think more than 30 posts has photo links issue. I just felt like giving up. Then I didn't blog much either back then.

Now... I feel like I should come back to blogging but this is totally bugging me. I don't know if it's possible for me to fix the mess. I guess I learnt a lesson now, I shouldn't direct link my photos from my Facebook to my blog.

I guess I would have to suck it up and edit them post by post. If I can even find what was the pictures to begin with.

On the other hand, I might have mentioned this a few times before but I am considering changing my blog URL. I guess the name 'AlletsStella' might not be playing a big role in my life anymore. I'll be switching to "StellaLexy" instead so probably in a few days time my blog URL would be

I'm not even sure if I have anymore readers here but if in the tiniest bit of chance there still is, I'll be so grateful and do update my blog link for your access. That's all for now, consider this a coming-back post I guess.

Thank you to those who still reads my blog. Do drop a comment, I would like to know who are this sweet people.

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Isabellmiao Soo said...

I'm nt one of those sweet ones

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