Friday, June 21, 2013

Colourice Attic

Talented friend strike again. Recently, a friend of mine whom I got to know four years ago due to her creative shirt design back then has opened a shop back in Ipoh.

Colourice Attic specialized in clay classes for adults and children. Classes that they offer includes:-
  • Children Clay Art Class
  • Teenage Clay Art Class
  • Individual Clay Project
  • Holiday Workshop

Other than offering clay classes, Colourice Attic also accept customize handmade gifts or souvenirs. All are made via request order. They already did quite a few custom orders as well as some re-orders. 
I have seen quite a lot of pictures of the clay work that my friend did and I'm amazed. They are so detailed and intricate at the same time, most of them are so cute. You may check out her work on Colourice Attic Facebook Page or her blog; The Art Crush.
Since I went back to Ipoh last weekend, I took the opportunity to visit her as well as her shop. She did a very good job in decorating the place. It looks very comfortable yet so pretty with all the decorations as well as her clay works. I wish my work corner would look like that some day.
I've also get to know that these clay work not only can they be gifts or souvenirs, they can also be cake topper. With the price that normally a cake topper cost, it would be so much more worth it if it's made of clay. Cake topper are normally made of fondant,  it can only last for a maximum of three months while these can last... pretty much forever.
If anyone of you are interested in their classes or even to customize an order, I already have a shot of information for your reference. But since this is based in Ipoh, I'm not sure if she takes job from other states. You may give it a try since her price is consider quite cheap in the market.

Remember to check out Colourice Attic Facebook Page and The Art Crush blog. For more photos from my visit, click [here].

P/S: Sorry for the bad quality photos as I have forgotten to bring my camera back to Ipoh. All photos were taken using mobile.

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