Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stella'Lexy X GlassesOnline.com.my Voucher!

GlassesOnline.com.my is generous to have a little something for me and my readers here. I have been contacted two weeks ago and they have offered me a free pair of colored lens as well as a voucher code for my readers. Since I wear colored lens a lot myself, I've decided to do a little review.

GlassesOnline.com.my actually have a lot of different choices for colored lenses, they carry a lot of brands and different series. I was free to choose any of the colored lens worth RM50 or below and I have decided on Blincon Elegance Topaz Brown. I'm actually surprised when I was going through the pages, I almost have difficulty in choosing because of the wide range.

Frequency: 3 months
Material: HEMA
Water Content: 42%

Design: I'm quite please with the design as I think it is quite natural and not too over the top. The color is noticeable but could be passing as natural at the same time. The diameter is huge, I'm not sure how big is the diameter but as you can see from the picture, comparing the before and after is such huge difference.

Comfort: The comfort level of this is consider quite high as when I put it on, I wouldn't be able to feel it much in my eyes. I think that pretty well means it's really comfortable and I could last for at least 6 hours before my eyes get dry.

Now... GlassesOnline.com.my actually hold a lot of different brands, not only colored lenses but also glasses, shades and contact lenses. They have brands like Ray Ban, Starck Eyes, Paul Smith, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, ChloƩ, D&G, Dior, Prada, Versace, Vivienne Westwood, Tag Heuer and so much more!

Being the generous one, they are now offering a RM20 off voucher for my readers! Terms and conditions as stated in the voucher. Now who needs the new pair of glasses, shades, or contact lenses, hop over now [here]! Other than that, they offer FREE DELIVERY when you make a purchase with FREE 30 DAYS RETURN if you don't like the product. Lastly, they have LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE and 100% ORIGINAL BRANDS!

Aren't they awesome already? Check out their Facebook page for more informations and updates.

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