Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A new start...

I think I will never stop apologizing for going missing and abandoning my blog. I've thought to maybe quit blogging officially but... I don't think I could ever let it go. I know I probably blog less than 10 posts a year now but I would like to keep this space of mine, where I can come back to and pour everything in my when I want to. No pressure, no deadline.

Just like now, I am back! God knows how long would this last me before I am missing in action again. Probably right after this post but what matter is... I feel like writing recently. Like a lot.

Then work has been taking its toll on me. I've officially started working for a month now and I feel like I have no time to do anything else, moreover blog. Things has changed a lot in the past two months, explained the title of this post "A new start..."

I have also recently just moved out of Puchong after staying there since I've moved to KL almost three years ago. It's a big change but definitely a good one. Journey to work every morning has taken at least 30 minutes to an hour lesser and I can go home anytime now without having to worry about the traffic.

That's my view from the balcony up there in the picture, can't lie that I did not make the photo looks a little more awesome than the original view is. But it is still quite awesome to wake up to blue sky every morning, I'm definitely enjoying my new hub.

There's still a lot to do in the place to make it feel even more cozy than it already is. I think I might need more storage space and definitely a curtain. I have already got myself a stand fan because I saw it when I was getting my new fridge and I think it look pretty cool. Oh FYI, my new place has no fan at all, hence why I need a stand fan. But I'm not complaining since I found this cool stand fan at Tesco.

I'm still  a little excited on how to decorate the place but I don't think my bank account is any on the bright side for this. Also, it's only been a few days but I'm already half dead with the fact that I have no internet at home. I guess I really just can't live without the almighty awesome internet after all.

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